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ABOUT THE GERMANTOWN LOGO: This Germantown design was originally created in 1975 for the Greater Germantown Appeal by Frank Nofer, a graphic designer and fine artist. The design intended to promote harmony in Germantown. Mr. Nofer also designed interpretations of cities including Philadelphia, Mt. Airy, Washington D.C., and San Francisco. Germantown was the first in the series. Mr. Nofer, who died in 2001, said that the design really is eight separate creations making up the ninth. The total effect symbolically captured the essence of the Germantown community.

G -- Belgian block cobblestone of Germantown Avenue.
ER -- SEPTA route 23 which was a trolley, and at least in concept is scheduled to return as a trolley some day.
M -- Symbolizes the working relationship of the black and white to build a multi-cultural community.
AN -- Green tree depicts the natural beauty of the area.
T -- Colonial era lamp post.
O -- Cannon, Germantown's role in the Revolutionary war.
W -- Church, the community's enduring religious activity.
N -- Town Hall, Germantown's on-going civic heritage.

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Lawn sign

T-shirts (colors: White, Steel, Ash, Black, Smoke - similar to a sun-faded black), tote bags, license plates, stickers, mug, hats, lawn sign

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C.A. Asher, Inc. owned the design until July, 1998, when Jeffrey A. Smith, a Germantown native and resident, bought it and took over the copyright with the hope of carrying its message forward. Businesses and organizations interested in using the design or Germantown products may contact Mr. Smith at 215-848-3275.

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Phone: 215-848-3275